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The Technology Platform CTIT- Partner for your cutting edge projects

The Technology Platform for Communication Tools and IoT (CTIT) is association aimed at meeting the needs of leading industry organizations, commercial R&D enterprises and academic sphere in setting trends in digital economy. It is focused on fostering further development cooperation between partner organizations, and is especially aware of the need to support the creation of international R&D projects and technological development in the Czech Republic in the rapidly developing fields of communication tools, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The platform is managed by the Association for Communication Tools and the Internet of Things, z.s. Its Head Office is located in the Technological Centre Písek, but its principal place of business is in Brno, sometimes referred to as Czech Silicon Valley, which is home to many IT universities and companies in the area of IT and industry.

Our aim is to promote innovation and increase competitiveness in the field of CTIT.

What do we offer


The Technology Platform brings together private and public stakeholders in the field of communication tools, AI and IoT. Our members are both commercial companies and academic institutions, engaged in the research and development  of new innovative solutions. The CTIT Technology Platform helps its members to find suitable partners for the development and funding of R & D projects. We are part of the European Technology Platform NetWorld 2020, which enabling us to connect top tech institutions not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

  • public & academic
  • top tech
  • Czech and worldwide

Example of Best practise
Establishing a partnership between private company and university. Support for establishing effective cooperation, support for realization of applied research at cutting edge projects in the Czech republic.


We help to finance your cutting edge projects. We search for suitable sources of public and private capital and for this purpose we also link our members and our partners. We provide assistance to member entities in order to prepare applications for grants, both from the Czech grant programs and especially from the Brussels EU framework programs for research and innovation. We are promoting innovation and increasing competitiveness in the field of CTIT.

  • eu funds
  • private equity
  • public sources

Example of Best practise
Acquiring funding for product commercialization in the European Union through an application submitted to Horizon 2020.

„The software analyses hundreds of reviews dealing with the assessed product, it carries out a text analysis and a connected sentiment classification and as an outcome it displays the required parametres of the product in the form of a text and graphic notification such as “The television has /good display/ but /bad control/, the customers find the /speed of response/ to be /great/ and /the majority of/ users /would buy the television again/ with the exception of users who are concerned with /power consumption/.”


We are promoting knowledge and creating an expert community through personal and professional ties. We encourage the exchange of views and knowledge among international experts, companies, public bodies and other steakholders. We organize branch conferences, round tables and lectures related to the development of individual sectors  of the CTIT field. We inform the general public about news from this area. We create a technological foresight of CTIT.  It is a document aimed at predicting possible scenarios of the future development in the field of communication tools, AI and IoT.  Our goal is to identify and analyze crucial areas, impacts, strategies and growth barriers that are key to further development and research in the branch. The technological foresight is  contributing significantly to the innovation potential and increasing the competitive advantage of Czech entities in this dynamically developing sector.

  • networking
  • round tables and conferences
  • technological foresight

Example of Best practise
Creating a unique outlook for the FINTECH financial asset management market.

 "60% of traditional competitors expects, that  FinTech companies will get 20-25% of their business (either loss of customers, capital, or forced margin reduction) in a five-year horizon. Of course, spin-offs are emerging – companies that are funded by a traditional industry players and are adapting a new business model. They often have independent leadership and take on the minimum or no organizational and decision-making structure of their parent companies."