About us

The Technology Platform for Communication Tools and IoT was established as a response to market demands and is aimed at meeting the needs of leading industry organizations and commercial R&D enterprises. The association was founded as a reaction to the absence of a specialized organization specifically devoted to trends in the digital economy. It is focused on fostering further development cooperation between partner organizations, and is especially aware of the need to support the creation of international R&D projects and technological development in the Czech Republic in the rapidly developing fields of communication tools and the Internet of Things.

The platform is managed by the Association for Communication Tools and the Internet of Things, z.s. Its Head Office is located in the Technological Centre Písek, but its principal place of business is in Brno, sometimes referred to as Czech Silicon Valley, which is home to many IT universities and companies in the area of IT and industry. For more information, visit the contacts section.

The platform was created to support Czech organizations dealing with online communication tools and new trends in IoT. The sub-objectives of the platform can be characterized as follows:

  • creating and managing a technology platform for the industry of online communication tools and Internet of Things (hereinafter “CTIT” Communication Tools and Internet of Things);
  • promoting innovation and increasing competitiveness in the CTIT industry;
    conveying CTIT knowledge, namely the collection and processing of literature via electronic sources; organizing conferences, surveys, lectures and publications; and developing and supporting student and scientific programs;
  • managing a central information server about CTIT industry and providing links to other important sources of information technologies;
  • providing news and information on the development of CTIT in the Czech Republic and abroad;
  • providing (mostly theoretical) expert opinions on CTIT;
  • mediating the publication of expert articles on CTIT, thus contributing to the development of the sector;
  • promoting scientific and other related works in the field of CTIT;
  • promoting and developing international relationships associated with the development of CTIT through personal and professional ties; fostering the exchange of ideas among international experts, companies, state institutions, and other interested parties.