About us

Asociation CTIT was founded because of the market, organizations, and commercial subject’s need for a subject that would be dedicated to researching the digital economy trend, developing partnerships of subjects in this field, supporting inceptions of international R&D projects, and overseeing the development of this area in ČR.

The headquarters of CTIT is in the Technology center Písek. Its offices are located in Brno which is thanks to the concentration of universities and leading IT and industrial companies ideal base for fulfilling CTITs goals.

As its name suggests CTIT first focused mainly on Communication Tools and IoT. Then it started shifting to the area of FinTech and digitalization of financial sector and is engaged in this ways:

  • Provides industry knowledge by organizing conferences, speeches, publications, and gathering and processing literature.
  • Provides links to other important events and sources of information
  • Provides expert statements and advisory in the area of digitalization and FinTech.
  • Supports R&D projects and provides information about their funding possibilities.