NetWorld2020 General Assembly, will take place on 15 November 2018, Brussels

The NetWorld2020General Assembly will take place in Brussels on 15 November 2018. All members are cordially invited. Also non-members are welcome to attend but will not enjoy voting rights.

This year’s General Assembly will have two topics in focus:

The first topic is to take a look on research areas in the timeframe 2021-2027 which is beyond Horizon 2020. Preparations for the next EU Framework Programme FP9 which will be called Horizon Europe have been advanced in the past 1-2 years and there are now proposals for topics and structures for implementation. In Networld2020 a whitepaper on research directions for 2021-27 has been prepared which was available for public consultation with NetWorld2020 members, describing a number of topics that need further research beyond 2020. The NetWorld2020 GA will be a forum to discuss potential research topics between NetWorld2020 members, experts from the Expert Group and representative from EC.
Secondly, the GA will also be a stage to discuss the progress of 5G, with a particular focus on SME contribution to 5G research and to reaching verticals sectors for exploiting 5G systems. Two panels are on the agenda with short presentations and time for lively discussions.

At this GA NetWorld2020 members will also elect the new Steering Board for the period 2019-20. Details will be distributed in due course.
Finally to mention, the NetWorld2020 GA will of course again be an excellent opportunity for networking with other members, members of the Steering Board and representatives from EC.