Challenges in FinTech application development with Vratislav Kalenda, CEO of Applifting

FinTech apps are the catalyst that brings together cutting-edge technology, convenient user interfaces and innovative financial services. However, their creation is quite complex and presents many challenges. What are these challenges in particular and how to overcome them? This is not only what we discussed in the current episode of our podcast with Vratislav Kalenda, CEO of Applifting, a company that has been developing FinTech and other applications for over 10 years.

For example, we had a very interesting discussion about the development of Bank Identity and its use for FinTech. We also discussed a topic that Applifting has been dealing with for a long time, which is the use of AI in application development. We talked both about the use of AI in the actual writing of the code, but also about the integration of AI directly into the final application.


Dear readers, this podcast is only available in the Czech language.