Prague Blockchain Week 2023

Prague Blockchain Week 2023

Prague Blockchain Week 2023 (PBW23) is a decentralized conference and meeting of all those interested in cryptocurrencies and related topics. It consists of many independent events on June 2 – 11, including conferences, hackathons, workshops, community meetups, as well as various parties and happy hours.

These events will focus on a variety of different cryptocurrency ecosystems and topics such as hard money, payments, DeFi, Web3, DAO, cryptoeconomics, NFT, DeSci, mining, and many more.

This is a chain-independent and community-neutral initiative. Our goal is not to promote a single blockchain, but rather to encourage discussion between proponents of different solutions. The common themes are financial freedom, decentralization and privacy.

Date & time:
02 – 11 JUNE 2023


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