Joint Position Paper by NEM and NetWorld2020 “5G Media slice definition“

This document is the outcome of a joined working group setup between the two European Technology Platforms, New European Media (NEM) and Networld2020. The objective was to combine expertise from the media sector which brought application requirements and the network domain which brought expertise in 5G.

Nine media&content use cases have been identified by the group that cover most of the common media&content situations from production to consumption.
From these 9 use cases the group has identified 12 parameters that should be used to adapt the network to the application requirements, such as: Latency, Reliability, Data rate, Mobility, User density, Positioning, User Equipment speed.

Looking to the 5G network capabilities and parameters that could be activated, the last section provides a description of 5G Media Slices. There is a “s” because one of the main conclusions of the paper is that the media chain encompasses a number of functionalities and operations such as content creation, service composition, service aggregation, content distribution, devices, user interaction and interfaces, which requires different slices. Additionally, 5G requirements will be different for production which needs mostly uplink capacities and distribution which needs mostly downlink capacities.

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