SME workshops organised by 5GEVE, 5GCARMEN and 5GSOLUTIONS

The 5G EVE, 5G SOLUTIONS and 5G CARMEN 5G PPP projects are planning several workshops focused on SME involvement. The first one will be held on 1 st and 2 nd of April 2020 in Milan, and will try to explain the benefit of the whole 5G PPP program for SMEs. Maurizio Cecchi from PIIU explains further what these workshops are about and other plans. 5GEVE is an infrastructure project, 5G SOLUTIONS a field trials project, and 5G CARMEN a CCAM project focused on Autonomous Driving.

The idea is to provide SMEs with the opportunity to promote their business and liaise with the (large) industry participating in the
three projects. These will be ½ day interactive workshops. The workshops intend to target SMEs that are also not (yet) part of the 5G PPP ecosystem.

Project ideas from SMEs may be included in the projects later. Impact on the press is expected. Vouchers (around €200) will be provided – as travel reimbursement – to SME representatives who will give a presentation. Attendance to the workshops are free of charge.

The workshops are planned as follows:
5G SOLUTIONS : Athens, Greece (01/10/2020), Milan, Italy (01/04/2021), Nicosia,
Cyprus (tbc)
5G EVE : IoT-5G, Milan, Italy (01/04/2020), South Summit, Madrid, Spain
(06/10/2020), Rennes, France (June 2020 to be confirmed)
5G CARMEN : Milan, Italy (02/04/2020)