Since the emergence of crowdfunding on the European market it’s been a solid choice for startups and SMBs who are looking to raise their capital. . In 2015, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EC described crowdfunding as “an open call for the collecting of resources (funds, money, tangible goods, time) from the population at large through an Internet platform. In return for their contributions, the crowd can receive a number of tangible or intangible benefits, which depend on the type of crowdfunding”.

Although the crowdfunding industry is extremely diversified the basic mechanisms for the preparation and launch of a crowdfunding campaign remain the same among all models. Generaly crowdfunding platforms provide an infrastructure for posting the projects online and raising the funds.

FinTech Roadmap

For every area of FinTech, we create a strategic table in which we identify incoming trends, key factors, challenges, and comparison of the state in the Czech Republic to other countries to provide companies an overview on how to implement the newest technologies.


Incoming trends Key factors Challenges Comparison to other countries
Invoices crowdlending Improved liquidity, high returns, risk diversification Risk of the invoice not being payed It is in an active process in ČR
Specialized platforms eg. on publishing books Increasing volumes of crowdfunding projects Making every type of business idea possible on crowdfunding This is happening primarily in the USA because the Czech crowdfunding market is relatively small
More complex business ideas are shifting to crowdfunding Innovative business ideas Making crowdfunding a common lifecycle phase of every company It’s gradually processing in CR
New regulations of P2P platforms Easier scalability on the European level, bringing more investor trust into crowdfunding platforms Mandatory license for international players, being compliant with the new requirements about customer protection CR also has to implement this regulation into it’s legislative